Enrique Moreno Cárcel / Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Specialized in the conception and calculation of structures, he has been part of multidisciplinary teams within the field of civil engineering, building and urban planning. Currently, a natural evolution in his professional experience and continuous training have led him to consolidate Iberproex, including the understanding from the direction of teamworks. His marked interest in the theoretical content that underlies the calculation of structures leads him to be continuously interested in the current state of the art in this matter, achieving in this way a great qualification in the handling of the concepts that support them, of the comprehension of its operation and the associated powerful software for its design and verification.
The process of internationalization of the company in which it carries out its work is immersed increases the degree of uniqueness and complexity of the works, being abroad where the latest works projected by Iberproex are developed and built.